Peau De Chagrin visit to Lyon

We returned to Lyon to meet with Maison Marc Rozier, the Soyeux that makes the Carré Alchimique silk scarf, to discuss the next one in the alchemical series.  Lyon has been the centre of the silk trade since the 14th century by royal decree and continues to be home to some of the most skilled silk makers and printers in the world, using screen printing techniques unique to the city.

Marc Rozier, one of the last great silk makers in Lyon is over a hundred years old and its archive is magical. We only saw a fraction of it and were inspired.

The colours are spell-binding and the names enchanting - Azure, Hydromel, Bruyère, Abeille, Corbeau to name a few.

Sofie looked through some of the silk swatches and patterns at the Marc Rozier studio. It would take weeks to go through such an incredible archive filled with jewels that date back to the 19th century. Everywhere you look there are hidden treasures. 

To learn more about the art of silk making, Peau de Chagrin made a documentary at the Maison Marc Rozier Workshops. The film goes through the processes of silk production and printing from the Bombyx Mori moth, to the luxurious accessories that their cocoons eventually become.

Watch the Last of the Silk Artisans Video and view the Carré Alchimique No 1 Galleries.