BLACK - The story of a Colour - No1 : ORIGINS

Musings on the making of our new, collectable, limited edition handbag made in France: The Peau de Chagrin Noir

With the launch of the Peau de Chagrin Noir, it made us wonder why black has such a hold on the imagination? The fascination with black predates the classical period and can be traced all the way back to the Neolithic.

Origin stories from the Old Testament, Greek myths of Nyx, the goddess of the night, and Asian and African deities all incorporate darkness and the colour black.

Black even plays an important role in the earliest sites of worship. Palaeolithic man learnt to create carbon black from cinders which were used to draw on cave walls, the images religious and narrative-driven. The blacks obtained from plants and minerals were joined by other beautiful rich shades of black made from bone, horn, ivory and manganese oxide culminating in the Great Bulls of Lascaux. Magical scenes of black bulls and the black outlines of stags, bison, bears and a rhino traverse the walls. They are some of the earliest art recorded and a testament to the importance of black.

Discover our latest collectable edition The Peau de Chagrin Noir. This black vegetable tanned handbag, entirely made in France by master craftsmen comes in a limited edition of 100.

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 Cave Painting of Cow & Horses, Lascaux, France            Glasshouse Images / Alamy Stock Photo   

Cave Painting of Cow & Horses, Lascaux, France            Glasshouse Images / Alamy Stock Photo