Photographer, Painter and Poet

Place Pierre Molinier

Pierre Molinier's move to Bordeaux in the 1920s played a central role in him becoming an artist. Bordeaux had a grand bourgeois air as it does now, but through the city's secret societies he gained an introduction to André Breton and the Surrealists. His work probed unconscious desires and identity through painting, collage and photography. To use himself as the subject was modern and a precursor to the work of Cindy Sherman, Jurgen Klauke, Ron Athey and Robert Mapplethorpe. His work can also be seen as continuing the great tradition of 19th Century French decadent art, of which Balzac’s novel “Peau de Chagrin” was a precursor.

He continued to work and live in Bordeaux until his death in 1976, his art never losing its intensity or controversy.

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The Peau de Chagrin Noir bag is made in Bordeaux, the largest city of south west Franc, for Peau de Chagrin by a small “atelier” (=workshop of master craftsmen), set up in 1972, originally making high quality leather hunting gear.   Over the years, the Bordeaux atelier has broadened its range of products to include special luxury leather cases for wine connoisseurs, bags, and, after creating initial prototypes for us in 2016, our the limited edition luxury handbag, The Peau de Chagrin Noir.

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 Photos by Allan Griffiths © Peau de Chagrin 2017

Photos by Allan Griffiths © Peau de Chagrin 2017