The Peau de Chagrin Noir

Limited Edition Bag

Black has an allure. It is mysterious, compelling, aristocratic and rapturous.

The Peau de Chagrin Noir is a limited edition leather bag which combines the geometry and essence of the original Peau de Chagrin handbag while embracing the sensuality of black, what author Tanizaki called, "the mystery of shadows".

Our mission was to find a black chrome-free leather that retains the same rich quality as our previous skins. We looked at tanneries from Italy to Sweden, settling on Masure, a fantastic Belgian tannery in the Province of Hainaut.

Our search for artisans to make the Peau de Chagrin Noir led us to the south west of France, where we discovered a wonderful small atelier in Bordeaux. The craftsmen there started out making leather hunting equipment and special leather cases for wine connoisseurs.

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